Who are we... you ask?

We are At Home With No.22 formally known by the name of No.22 Home, we have had an overall rebranding as we do a whole range of different products but also so we can refocus on our customers and make sure we keep the top quality of the products & services we offer!

We originally started in November 2022 and we have had an amazing run but we needed to do a refreshing and new way forward for everyone.

We offer a whole range of different products & services such as:

Home Fragrances - Room Sprays, Carpet Freshener 
Homewares - Mugs, Tumblers - Snow Globe Tumblers
Bath & Body Products - Bath Salts, Bubble Bath

Everything is HANDMADE by myself and I create & manage all aspects of the day to day operations of the business.

If you have any enquiries, please contact through our social media platform, website or by our email. I aim to reply to every single one you guys, thank you.